Marmozets @ 100 Club

65daysofstatic @ Koko

Ten years sounds like a long time but in reality it passes like a blink in an eye. Feels like it was only just a couple of years ago I was first seeing 65daysofstatic at The Purple Turtle, Camden, and being introduced to their debut album “The Fall Of Math”. Turns out it was more than a couple of years, it had actually been ten years. Once this finally dawned on me I began to realise that 65dos have really been one of those bands that form the sound track of my life. They’re up there with Ash, Hell is For Heroes and other bands who’s albums I played (or bands I saw) over and over again. So when I was told I was going to their gig to celebrate ten years of “The Fall Of Math” I was like “YES!!”… after the realising that yes, it had been that long since we first saw them.

Again, I was of to Koko and hoping that they’d sorted out the bass for this gig. And to be fair, they had. The whole audio for the evening was awesome. Just the right amount of bass kick while still being able to make out the top notes. Everything you really need to hear and enjoy a 65dos gig.

So the gig was broken up into two sets, the first being “The Fall Of Math” played in it’s entirety. As soon as the first notes kick off in “Anotehr Code Against the Gone” you know you’re in for a something special tonight. Being a big fan of 65dos, I’m always trying to convince people to give them a listen. When I get asked to describe them to somone the description that comes to mind is “they’re the band who’d write the score to the apocalypse”. Listening to the first set just brought back memories of that description I’d always like to give… while at the same time sending us down memory lane again. It was good to hear those tracks again and even better to hear it all live and in one sitting.

Songs like “Retreat! Retreat” sounded as fresh as they did ten years ago. While songs like “Hole” still had the ability to draw you in and leave you in pure awe. By the time “Aren’t We Al Running” ends we are left with a stupid grin on our face and glazy eyes of pure bliss. Possibly all the nostalgia was kicking in, but I’d like to think that it was more than that. The fact is, 65dos have always done amazing sets that their CDs never seem to fully capture. This set again was just highlighting waht a great live band they are and how well their music works live.

The second set (or guess the encote) was just songs from “Wild Light”, their latest album. Some people might not be fans of the new stuff, but personally I enjoyed it as an evolution of their sound. As an album it works great and shows off well how far 65dos have gotten with their music. Tracks like “Sleepwalk City” felt pounchy and fresh. While “Safe Passage” and the layers of sounds that make up that song still sounded epic after having heard all of “The Fall of Math”.

The final song was of course “Radio Protector”. As usual this song caputred the entire audiance. Being down at the front in the middle of it all you just couldn’t help but get carried away by it all. It was a great way to end the gig, which had been an amazing eening of music.

As we battled our way out of Koko and finally landed back on the streets, I looked across to see the Purple Turtle. Even after everything tonight, my mind still found it hard to believe it was ten years ago across the road that I was introduced to 65dos by my friend…

A Day To Remember - ADTR

So second gig of the year, and a lot different to my last gig. So have gone from electronic hip hop to a post-hardcore band in the space of a eight days. Pretty excited as hadn’t seen them for a while and was really looking forward to playing in the mosh pit.

As usual, I was running late so. This time had an awesome excuse that Arsenal were playing in the area so transport was in chaos. So missed both Every time i die and The story so far. On plus side, had a chance to have a good pint of Guinness at Alexander Palace Bar & Kitchen. As gig bars go it was pretty good. There was a lot of temptation to stay there all night and enjoy the DJ playing good tunes, but we were here to see ADTR. Also, Mallory Knox were about to come on and they sounded fun so didn’t want to miss them.

Second piece of bad luck that day, the queue for the cloak room at the Alexander Palace… it was massive. There was a decent size queue that snaked as far as the eye could see (well, not that long, but long). We figured if that was the queue to just dump our stuff, then there was no way we’d be picking up our stuff in a resonable time after the gig. So I knew this meant not mosh pit for me :(

Anyway, so off we went to see Mallory Knox. So I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I actually liked their album. I was looking forward to seeing them and was curious what they’d be like live. Have to say I was impressed with them. They had a lot of energy on stage and the crowd were definitely feeding of them. Gonna have to make sure I look out for there next headline tour. Think a smaller venue for them (more intimate gig) as they did look a bit lost on such a big stage. Then again, maybe next time I see them they’ll be headlining something like Brixton.

Highlight song of their set was Resuscitate. Not sure why but it just seemed better/tighter than their last song Lighthouse. Just stood out a bit more, while Lighthouse just seemed to go on and on. Maybe I’d have felt a bit more different if I was in the middle of the front bouncing along to it.

After waiting and waiting a bit longer… and the longest walk ever to the toilet… it was time for A Day To Remember! And what a show they put on. From the start you knew it was gonna be fun gig. The stage was amazing! They’d recreated the outside of a suburban american home, several levels of it. It kind of reminded me of Rammstein set they had at Brixton many years ago. Band memebers go up and down it and through windows and doors. Pretty cool overall.

Enought with the set, what about the music? Well… Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh!!! It was just bouncy as fuck. I could see the crowd going mental at the front and wishing I didn’t have bag with a laptop. On plus side, we were close to the mixer deck so the sound was awesome. Each hit after hit was tightly done, full of energy and passion. Everyone on stage looked like they were having as much fun as the crowd were.

The best part was that even though we were by the mixer, far away from the front, the crowd were still jumping. Didn’t take long for us to eventually join in with them. The place had an amazing party vibe, which just grew and grew with each song. Everyone pretty much singing their lungs off.

The great atmosphere of the gig did mean it was hard to choose an outstanding song/moment. So much happened on stage (riot police helicopter at the end, fireworks) and just how each song was so well played, has made choosing a song difficult. From the first song All I Want till the last song The Downfall of Us All, they were all amazing. Maybe I’ll choose All Signs Point to Lauderdale as remember boucing a lot to it and sining along with everyone around us.

Overall, awesome gig… even if I did wish they’d played Since U Been Gone, at an awesome venue. Next time I’m going to Alexander Palace I’ll make sure to go early to enjoy the food stalls they had outside the venue… and maybe a couple of pints in the bar outside.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip @ Koko

First gig of the year! Not a great start to the year really as failed to go to a gig in January. Due to rain and having to finish a pint, missed most of Sarah Williams White’s set.

It was pretty cool actually getting to see Itch. I’d only ever seen him as part of the King Blues, and so was already a fan. Really enjoyed his set but it felt like it could have done with more backing rather than just the DJ he had. Still it was fun and looking forward to seeing him do his set again.

Next on was Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip.

As first gig of the year goes, it wasn’t bad. What was really missing was some bass. Just seemed like they had turned it way down in the venue. Dissapointing in a way, especially after bassy gigs like Beardyman last year. Also, Koko is still suffers from being badly design music venue. Getting out of the place is such a nightmare as you’re constantly bottle necked moving through the venue.

Even though it the venue sucked, TFL were striking and I was waiting at bus stop in the rain… it was a great gig and I did end up humming Get Better all the way home… and the rest of week.